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1-1 Sessions


Work with individual athletes takes place as tailor-made sessions, and is adapted to the athlete's specific needs and wishes.

For example, there may be a desire for a general development or optimization of mental abilities, to perform better under pressure, or to work on drive, desire, or motivation.

This means that we can work both on optimizing something that is already going well, or with working more focused on specific issues. 

Click here to view a list of topics that are often worked on.


The number of sessions are also adapted to the athlete's wishes and needs. However, I recommend that the client commits to a minimum of 3 sessions.


  • Price: 145 USD / 120 EUR per session, + transport (unless we meet in Klitmøller or virtually).

    • For longer and more integrated courses, the price per. session is adjusted in the following way:

      • ​After 10 sessions, price pr. session drops to $135 USD /111 EUR

      • After 20 sessions, price pr. session drops to $125 USD /103 EUR

  • Length: 60 minutes per. session

  • Contact me to book sessions.


Team Sessions


Mental training for teams can both be used to acquire/optimize specific mental skills, but is primarily used to work with the team as a whole, via a focus on, for example, the team's culture, values, communication and roles, and team dynamics. It is also possible to work on individual skills (e.g., visualization) in a group setting. 

These sessions can be tailored to your needs and means, but I recommend at least 3 x team sessions for a team so that there is time for both learning and practice. It is also possible to start a more integrated course, where the team continuously works on their mental skills, over a season, or for a longer period.


Click here for more information about the different courses.


Contact me if interested and I will be happy to send you a quote.

Lectures & Workshops

I also offer lectures and workshops for organizations. It can be a workshop for the whole team, where we go in depth with one or more topics. It can also be a more formal lecture for the entire organization, where coaches, and other members of the team, such as physiotherapists, sports managers, and others, can attend.

Contact me if interested and I will be happy to send you a quote.




Athletes are not the only ones who often have to perform under pressure. They are not the only ones who can get burned out, stressed out, or feel performance anxiety at work. In many ways, sports and professions are similar. The amount of time we spend on our jobs deserves that we feel meaning in our working lives, that we can thrive, and that there is balance in our everyday life. 

I can come to your organization and give either a presentation, or a more integrated workshop for teams or the entire organization. The subject is adapted according to needs and wishes. Click here for a list of possible topics.

Contact me if interested and I will be happy to send you a quote.



1-1 Sessions


I also offer tailor-made mental training courses for individual business people. This course can focus on performance under pressure, communication and leadership, motivation and meaning in work, etc.


  • Price: EUR 150 pr. session. For longer courses, the price is negotiable.

  • Each session is 50 minutes.




I offer teaching in both psychology and sports psychology. This can be adapted to age level, as well as the participants' experience with both psychology, sports, and sports psychology.

I have four years of experience teaching psychology, and three years of experience teaching sports psychology.

Contact me if interested and I will be happy to send you a quote .

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