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About me

Here it is possible to get an insight into who I am and what I spend my time on, both professionally and in my spare time.


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To make a long story short

I am originally from the island of Mors in North Jutland, and moved to Copenhagen when I was 17, to be closer to the National water ski team and Team Denmark training center.

At 22, I moved to the United States, to continue my sports career, and to study. Here I lived for approx. 12 years, after which I have now returned to Denmark. I live in Klitmøller, where I spend a lot of my free time on sports, such as various forms of surfing, climbing, and other sports.

Water Skiing Career in Denmark & ​​USA

My waterski career started when I was 11 years old, and I spent about 10 years on the Danish national team, from when I was 16, until I was around 26. I was primarily a jump specialist, which is a discipline that is about hitting a ramp and fly as far as possible in the air. This discipline therefore requires a lot of speed (up to 100 km/h when hitting the ramp). The highlights of my career are a U21 European Championship gold medal and a U21 World Cup bronze medal in 2003, as well as participation in the World Cup tour for a number of years.

Water skiing was also the reason I moved to the U.S. Through an athletic scholarship in Louisiana in 2008, it was possible for me to study at the university, and at the same time be part of the school's amazing water ski team. This experience culminated in a U.S. National Championship for the team competition, in 2010. In addition, I co-won the women's jump evnet in 2009 (along with Clementine Lucine), which also meant a lot to me.

Experiencing being part of a team - and not just a national team made up of individual athletes - has been an incredibly enriching and valuable experience.

After my 4 years on the university waterski team, I also received a bachelor’s degree in psychology. The Rector of Psychology offered me a teaching position if I stayed and took a master's degree as well, and therefore I stayed 3 more years in Louisiana.


In around 2015 I stopped my sports career, and in 2016 I moved to Florida, to start my Ph.D. sport psychology.

Sports on the brain

Much of both my professional and personal life is built around sports. In addition to my own career as an athlete - and especially after I stopped my sports career in 2014 - I have thrown myself into many new sports.

I am particularly drawn to 'lifestyle' sports such as sport climbing and surfing, where working to overcome fear is a key factor. I found this very exciting, both from a personal and a sport psychological perspective. This fascination also helps me in my professional practice, where it is possible to relate better to extreme sports athletes - and athletes in general - who work to overcome fear.


I am also interested both personally and professionally in sport's influence on quality of life and personal development, especially in the form of engaging in personal and meaningful challenges. Here it is my belief that these 'adventure sports,' such as surfing and climbing, are quite unique, and have a particularly positive effect.

My Ph.D. dissertation was on the influence of nature on mental skills and well-being in general. Therefore, nature also has a very central role for me as a person, and in my personal involvement in sport.

Education and Career

In 2016, I began my Ph.D. in sport psychology, and started working as a sport psychology consultant - first through a supervised internship in the U.S., and then through my own business.

In 2020, I graduated and received my certification as a 'specialist in applied sport psychology.' Since my start in 2016, I have worked with a number of different sports, and with athletes from many different parts of the world, which can be read more about here .

In addition to my work as a sports psychology consultant, I have since 2015 worked as a national coach and sports manager for the Danish waterski team. This work is very seasonal, as the season runs from approx. April to October.

This work is very meaningful to me, as it gives me the opportunity to help young waterski talents in Denmark to develop and achieve their goals. I therefore work especially with talent development of young waterskiers from around 10 to 25 years of age.


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