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Reading Lists & other Ressources

Here you can find various sports psychological resources, such as reading material and videos that I can personally recommend (I only recommend stuff I myself have read and have experience with).

Books for athletes/performers

Academic books


  • Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology - by Dr. Weinberg & Dr. Gould

  • Applied Sport Psychology - by Williams & Krane

  • Handbook of Sport Psychology - by two of my mentors and friends, Dr. Tenenbaum & Dr. Eklund.

  • Ethical Issues in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology by E.F. Etzel


  • Short videos featuring legendary Ken Ravizza can be found on this youtube channel

  • Sian Beilock Lecture: Performing at your best under stress

  • Podcast featuring my mentor - In my opinion, on of the absolute greats when it comes to sport psychology - Dr. Graig Chow

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